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Standard web design service

This is the most popular service being offered at Nitro Designs.

Having built up a reputation for creating professional and original websites, Nitro Designs has established itself as a reliable and efficient online Web Design Start-Up.

Our designs are created to not only be high-impact, visually impressive and professional, but more importantly, to suit the client's needs and enable them to meet their customers' demands.

Development fees range from US$190 - US$490.
  Dynamic coding (ASP/PHP)

If you own a website that needs frequent and hassle-free updates, or one that contains massive amount of information, or if your web site is to conduct transactions over the internet, chances are that you will require a web application that is dynamic & database-driven.

Two of the most popular technologies today, ASP and PHP, are designed specially to meet such needs, as a result of the explosive growth of Internet commerce.

Allow us to develop your web site using one of these technologies so as to fulfill the functions of your web site, meet the needs of today's e-commerce market and to give yourself the edge over your competitors.

An entire package including programming, database design and webdesign would range from $790 to $1950.

Graphic design services
Apart from web design, Nitro Designs also provides other graphic design services. Our wide range of graphic design services includes designing leaflets, flyers, postcards, CD inserts, CD labels, logos, name cards, posters, T-shirt designs and others.